Olive oil production

Our land

Every extra virgin olive oil is unique.
The territory, the age of the plants, the weather, the environment and the cultivars are the most important part – on which we aren’t able to intervene – and we thank our ancestry and our Mother Earth for them.

Our olive trees

The average age of our 700 trees is about 70 years: young thirty-year-old olive trees mix with 2 centuries old specimens.
Divided into three cultivars, there are the Leccino, 150 plants of Moraiolo and 130 of Frantoio with Pendolino as pollinators.

Perfumes and aromas

With our process, we obtain a delicate, soft oil, with an aromatic and distinctive smell – but not too excessive – ideal for meat, vegetables, as well as refined dishes where oil has the task of completing and enriching the recipe, enhancing the flavours and aromas with its minerality that will lead us in an olfactory trip in the lands where olives ripen and in the flowered fields that surround with colours our olive grove.


The oil quality is determined by what happens before the pressing.
It all starts with the “veraison”, that is the progressive darkening of the olives when the ripening process occurs. As the fruits begin to change their colour, we start harvesting.
Our “tools of the trade” of choice are hand-held pneumatic rakes that help us out and make the olives fall – without damaging the plant – on big nets we previously put on the ground underneath the trees. As we do our best to reduce the time of the post-harvest management in order to conserve the quality and freshness of the fruits, we collect them into buckets and take them to our mill right after the picking.


After the removal of the leaves (defoliation), we proceed to mill, crush the olives and mix the resulting paste, where the water separates from the oil. We particularly pay attention to the temperature during the oil extraction, because the process is called “cold pressing” for a reason: it must not exceed 27 degrees Celsius.
In every of these moments, we care about our olives as well as the environment in which we work and live.
The new machines, always checked, and the cleanliness of the mill are the basis of our product.