Other activities


We use our lands and our own philosophy for different activities other than the extra virgin olive oil production.

Beekeeping and Honey

Thanks to the abundance of rich greenery and flowers surrounding the farm, our bees make an excellent acacia honey – famous for its delicate flavour and semi-transparent, pale-yellow shade – and an intense chestnut honey – full of benefits, that stands out due to its aromatic taste and darker colour.
In the past year we moved some of the hives to promote the wildflower (millefiori) and honeydew (melata) honey production: at the moment we’re expecting an answer from our little friends, but it will arrive soon!

Tasting Events

It is possibile to visit our farm during the olive harvest and oil extraction.
From October, we often organise oil tasting events, not only to let people know, taste and appreciate our extra virgin olive oil, but also to give the opportunity to visit our farm, as well as the wonderful and well-tended olive grove, under which you can admire our beautiful brand new Saffron Crocus flowers.

Olive oil mill

Vergiole provides the pressing service for external olive growers as well.
We offer the opportunity to press even just small amounts of olives, without having to add them to other farms’ productions; for this reason – in addition to our genuinity, cleanliness and attentions to customers – many nearby farmers have been choosing us since the very beginning.

Saffron spice

Inspired by the tradition, we decided to add a new production in our farm: we planted Saffron Crocus flowers under our olive trees.
The flowers, totally organic, will start blossoming next year; from that moment on, we’ll be able to reap them and give you another “Vergiole” product that we hope will enrich your tables with colours and tastes: the saffron spice!

Teaching farm

We’re one of the few farms in our territory that gives children from 6 and up the chance to know and study the production chain of olive oil.
Contact us if you’re interested in educational and funny days, in which kids can learn how such an important product for their development and health is made – and adults can amplify their agro-technical knowledge and discover the significance of the agriculture and olive-growing in the economy and in the caring for our planet.