Olive oil,
your ever-flowing peace, your green essence
your heaped-up treasure which descends
in streams from the olive tree.

– Pablo Neruda –

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Among the green tuscan hills, when the fog underneath us lifts, you can enjoy the look on Pistoia or even glimpse, at the far end of the valley, the great Florence.

Near the farm where our family has been living in for more than one hundred years, it is still possible to visit the ruins of one of the castles owned by Selvaggia Vergiolesi, a Ghibelline noble immortalized by the Stilnovo poetry of Cino da Pistoia in the XIV century.

Here our little farm connects the story of ancient stones, the silence of a sacred chapel and the buzzy flight of hard-working bees with the young desire to produce healthy and genuine oil, rich in organoleptic substances, and this is possible only with the help of our family’s love and care for every phase of the production.

The harvest of our 700 olive trees is entirely done by hand with the help of pneumatic rakes when the fruit ripeness is complete. The oil pressing is directly done right after the harvest in our own mill, so it maintains the quality of the olives and guarantees their exclusive provenance from our trees.

Our passion, agronomic studies and our lands, that have always been suited for olive-growing, led us towards the achievement of a high quality product.

With the ICEA guidelines and using organic products only, we obtained the organic olive oil certification: it reflects our will to respect our olive grove with its olives, the environment of our Earth, people’s health and, at the same time, to guarantee our customers an excellent oil they can consume every day.

Italy. Pistoia. Oil.

Olive Varieties

The variety of our trees, blend of the tuscan cultivar.

  • 700 Olive trees for the production
  • 100 Quintals of olives harvested every year
  • 1100 Litres of oil produced


Every extra virgin olive oil is unique.

The territory, the age of the plants, the influence of the weather, the environment and the cultivars are the most important part, on which we aren’t able to intervene, and we thank our ancestry and our Mother Earth for them.

  • The oil production

    Organic extra virgin olive oil
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    • regular

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    • Big

    • glass

    • Kitchen and reserve
    • 3l
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    In the heart of Tuscany